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It is part of the Mark VI series. This module serves as a key component, providing basic signals such as speed, temperature, generator voltage, and bus voltage to the VPRO. This collaboration has formed an independent emergency overspeed and synchronous protection system to ensure safety and stability. This comprehensive arrangement demonstrates the key interaction between TPRO and VPRO in emergency overspeed and synchronous protection systems. The integrated functions and control mechanisms ensure timely and coordinated responses to emergency situations, with priority given to the safety and system stability of turbine operation.




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  Product Description

  General Electric created the IS200TPROH1BBB protective termination board. This printed circuit board or PCB was developed for the Mark VI series. Mark VI and the other series in the Mark lineup are used to automate and manage all of the processes in industrial gas and steam turbines.

  The IS200TPROH1BBB protective termination board is long and rectangular. A wide variety of electronic components from very small to large are featured on the IS200TPROH1BBB. The left edge of the IS200TPROH1BBB is occupied by two (2) very large terminal blocks that are solid black and labeled with white numbers. Each of the terminal blocks contains a collection of silver metallic terminals labeled from one to forty-eight (48). Sitting at the top of the IS200TPROH1BBB is a pair of relays or contactors that are red squares.

These relays contain yellow parts on the top. To the left of each of the relays is a MOV or metal oxide varistor that is solid red. Three (3) black variable resistors or potentiometers are grouped together in a vertical line near the upper right corner of the IS200TPROH1BBB. Each of these variable resistors are identified with the letter R. On the bottom of the IS200TPROH1BBB, several small yellow capacitors may be seen. Many of these are paired together near the bottom while others have been placed individually. A line of small silver components is featured on the left half in a vertical row. Many black rectangular parts called diodes have been concentrated mainly at the bottom of the IS200TPROH1BBB.

  General Electric (GE) developed the IS200TPROH1BCB protective termination board as a component in the Mark VI series made for gas/steam turbine management and automation. The IS200TPROH1BCB is a version of a printed circuit board or PCB. The IS200TPROH1BCB and the other components in the Mark VI series are a part of the much larger Mark family of turbine controls.

  The IS200TPROH1BCB PCB is rectangular in shape. The most prominent components on the IS200TPROH1BCB are two (2) terminal blocks and two (2) relays or contactors. The terminal blocks are black and large in size. They are positioned on the left edge of the IS200TPROH1BCB vertically. The relays featured on the IS200TPROH1BCB are paired together vertically in the center of the top of the IS200TPROH1BCB. These relays are mostly red and they have parts on the top that are yellow and black. Right next to these relays on the left side are two (2) red circular MOVs or metal oxide varistors. Several solid yellow capacitors that are small in size are featured throughout the IS200TPROH1BCB mostly on the board’s lower half. The right edge of the IS200TPROH1BCB is lined with three (3) medium sized jack connector ports identified by the names JZ1, JY1, and JX1. Three (3) more of these connector ports which are smaller (about half the size) than the others have been lined up to the left of these other connector ports. The smaller connector ports have been identified by the names JZ5, JY5, and JX5. Three (3) black variable resistors or potentiometers have been situated at the top right of the IS200TPROH1BCB.

  Functional Description

  IS200TPROH1BBB is a protection board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VI series. The module serves as a critical element, delivering essential signals such as speed, temperature, generator voltage, and bus voltage to the VPRO. This collaboration forms an independent emergency overspeed and synchronization protection system, ensuring safety and stability. This comprehensive arrangement demonstrates the critical interactions between TPRO and VPRO within the emergency overspeed and synchronization protection system. The integrated functions and control mechanisms ensure prompt and coordinated responses to emergency situations, prioritizing safety and system stability in turbine operations.

  System Configuration

  VPRO Redundancy: The protection system comprises triple redundant VPRO boards, functioning separately from the primary turbine control system. These VPRO boards manage trip solenoids via TREx (TREG, TREL, or TRES) modules, providing critical control over emergency trip functions.

  Input Provision: TPRO serves as the source of inputs to all three VPRO boards, facilitating crucial signal delivery for coordinated emergency functions.

  Cabling Configuration

  A visual representation in the provided figure illustrates the cabling setup from TPRO to VPRO and TREx terminal boards. This layout showcases the intricate connections ensuring data flow and control signals between these vital modules.

  Functions and Trip Solenoid Control

  Emergency Trip Function: VPRO operates as the primary entity providing the emergency trip function, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding against potential hazards. It controls up to three trip solenoids connected between TREx and TRPx (TRPG, TRPL, or TRPS) terminal boards.

  Turbine Trip Control: TREx and TRPx terminal boards manage the positive and negative sides, respectively, of the 125 V DC supply to trip solenoids. Either board holds the capability to trip the turbine in emergency situations.

  Overspeed Protection: VPRO assumes responsibility for emergency overspeed protection and emergency stop functionalities, ensuring prompt responses to critical scenarios.

  Control and Relay Management

  Relay Control: VPRO exercises control over 12 relays on the TREG board, with nine forming three groups to vote inputs that manage the three trip solenoids. These relays serve as crucial elements in coordinating emergency responses.

  Secondary TREG Connectivity: Additionally, a secondary TREG board can be driven from VPRO through J4, further enhancing redundancy and control capabilities in emergency scenarios.

  Frequently Asked Questions

  What is IS200TPROH1BBB?

  It is a protection board developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

  What role does the board play in the emergency protection system?

  It primarily serves to supply essential speed signals to VPRO, specifically for emergency overspeed (EOS) protection in turbine operations. Additionally, the board provides generator signals, analog current inputs, and thermocouple inputs for various backup protections.

  Which specific signals does TPRO supply to VPRO, and for what purposes?

  The board supplies crucial signals to VPRO, including generator signals for backup synchronization check protection, three analog current inputs, and nine thermocouple inputs. These inputs, particularly the thermocouples, are primarily utilized for exhaust over-temperature protection in gas turbines.

  What contribution does VPRO make to operations?

  VPRO plays a vital role by supplying 28 V DC power, ensuring sufficient power to operate the three analog input transmitters. This power provision facilitates the functionality of TPRO's analog input transmitters, contributing to the overall operational integrity of the system.

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