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IS215UCVEH2AE-GE Boards&Turbine Control UCVE Controller Module

This controller is a double-sided controller designed for one of GE's most complex turbine control systems. MKVI can be used for both simplex and triple modular redundant applications. Due to the many available controller boards being very similar, we recommend ordering a copy that is exactly the same as the one you are currently using to ensure compatibility.




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  Product Description

  The IS215UCVEM01A is an UCVE controller module within the Mark VI Speedtronic series. This is a dual-sided controller used within one of GE’s most complex turbine control systems. The MKVI can be used for both simplex and triple modular redundant applications. Because there are so many controller boards available that are so similar, we recommend ordering an exact duplicate of the board you are currently using to ensure compatibility.

  The IS215UCVEM01A has an attached front faceplate. This includes three LEDs placed just under the top set screw. The LEDs are status indicators designed to help users understand what is going on with the module as it runs. The faceplate also includes a mezzanine card slot, a reset button, two Ethernet ports, a port for a mouse or keyboard, and ports for LAN and SVGA. Set screws are placed at the very top and bottom. These will lock the module in place after installation. They also act as handles any time the module needs to be pulled from the rack.

  The circuit board on the IS215UCVEM01A is built with multiple integrated circuits, two lithium batteries, and a micro SD card. It also has many chokes, resistors, capacitors, and diodes. These may be on either side of the board. Some of the ICs hold turbine block library control functions.

  Functional Description

  IS215UCVEM01A is a UCVE controller module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VI series. The controller incorporates a validation mechanism that ensures the coherence and alignment of the toolbox-configured parameters with the existing hardware configuration each time the rack undergoes a power cycle. This validation process serves as a critical checkpoint, guaranteeing that the toolbox settings accurately match the hardware setup and ensuring proper synchronization and functionality of the secondary Ethernet ports upon system power-up.


  The system extends its support to secondary 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet ports, enabling their utilization within a distinct IP logical subnet. Configuration and setup of these secondary Ethernet ports are seamlessly conducted through the toolbox interface, providing a user-friendly means to define and customize their settings.

  This synchronization between the toolbox configurations and the physical hardware not only enhances the reliability and integrity of the system but also ensures that the secondary Ethernet ports are effectively integrated into the designated IP logical subnet, allowing for streamlined and efficient network operation within the specified parameters.

  This dual-sided controller is an integral component within GE's intricate turbine control systems, offering versatile functionality for both simplex and triple modular redundant applications. Due to the vast similarity among available controller boards, we strongly advise ordering an exact duplicate of the presently used board to ensure seamless compatibility and operational continuity.

  Front Faceplate Details: The controller incorporates an attached front faceplate, encompassing three LEDs strategically positioned just below the top set screw. These LEDs serve as valuable status indicators, providing real-time insights into the module's operational state during execution.

  Additional Faceplate Components: Alongside the LEDs, the faceplate integrates a mezzanine card slot, a reset button, two Ethernet ports, input ports for mouse or keyboard peripherals, as well as ports dedicated to LAN and SVGA connections.

  Secure Installation: Set screws positioned at the top and bottom of the controller play a dual role: securely locking the module in place after installation and serving as convenient handles for safe removal or handling whenever necessary.

  This comprehensive configuration and thoughtful design of the controller not only offer advanced functionality but also prioritize user accessibility and system security within the demanding environment of turbine control systems.

  Memory Configuration


  16MB Compact Flash Module

  128KB L2 Cache

  Battery Backed SRAM

  Frequently Asked Questions

  What is IS215UCVEM01A?

  It is a UCVE controller module developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

  Why is the validation process crucial for the controller?

  The validation process acts as a vital checkpoint, guaranteeing that toolbox settings precisely match the hardware setup. It ensures proper synchronization and functionality, especially concerning the secondary Ethernet ports, during system power-up.

  Which protocols are supported by the secondary Ethernet for communication purposes?

  The secondary Ethernet supports the EGD protocol and the Ethernet Modbus protocol, enabling efficient and seamless communication between the controller and third-party DCS systems.

  How does the secondary Ethernet interface physically connect to external systems?

  It utilizes a Twisted Pair 10BaseT/100BaseTX with an RJ-45 connector, ensuring standard connectivity for reliable data transfer and communication.

  Reviews For IS215UCVEM01A

  The IS215UCVEM01A is a well designed Mark VI controller with fast processing speed and enhanced memory. It is upgraded from the base IS215UCVEH2 and features status LEDS, communication ports, tooling ports, and connections for secondary I/O directly on the faceplate of the module.

Warehouse model recommendation:
GE V7768–322001
IS215UCVHM06A IS415UCVHH1A B VET2-A21010 350-9300007672-12F010 A1


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