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Industrial grade collaborative robots entering the era of over 10000 yuan in price

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The era has once again reached another milestone in the revolution of productive forces. Robots, as an important tool for new productivity, have been widely used in various fields such as industry, commerce, and healthcare.

At the FAO press conference, not only were welding applications showcased in a large steel structure factory with an annual installed capacity exceeding 500+units, but also cases in areas such as metal cutting, small household appliances, and substrate loading and unloading were presented. This indicates that collaborative robots are being widely applied on a large scale in various industries.

Throughout, FAO Robotics has been practicing the concept of "popularizing collaborative robots" and has become a pioneer and pioneer in the application of collaborative robots at the tool level in various industries.

01 More instrumental innovation

The upgrade of product software and hardware is one of the key points of this Franco robot press conference. As a popularizer of collaborative robots, Fao has always followed the path of making collaborative robots more powerful, easier to use, easier to integrate, and more affordable, creating more value for customers.

The upgrade of FR series V6.0 is the best embodiment of Franco's technological iteration and strength integration. This series of products not only achieves a smaller overall size and comprehensive modular upgrade, but also obtains more comprehensive product certification through international authoritative institutions. The continuous upgrade and optimization of software versions make it easier for users to use the product and help them complete their work efficiently and quickly.

Simplicity and ease of use are another major feature of collaborative robots. Fao Robotics continues to upgrade in drag and drop teaching technology. The natural language control system developed by Fao AIRLab based on large model training truly enables collaborative robots to automatically generate code instructions and achieve natural language control, further freeing users' hands and making robot operations easier to execute.

Simply put, this technology allows users to simply issue commands such as "help me get a cup of water" through voice, and the robot can "hear" the commands and automatically decompose actions to complete the task.

Behind this technology is the deep application exploration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology by Fao, which can enable collaborative robots to have stronger autonomous learning and decision-making abilities, thus ushering in a new era of intelligence for collaborative robots.

02 Ultimate cost-effectiveness brings greater application space

The release of the FAO FR3MT series collaborative robots at a price of 17800 yuan has brought new surprises to the industry.

FR3MT, with a lightweight integrated design of the control box and body, makes the product lighter and more convenient. It can be easily and flexibly installed in various mobile devices or desktop application scenarios, making it easier for users to break through space limitations and enter more new fields.

FR3MT has a very high cost performance ratio, with a payload of 3kg, a working radius of 622mm, and a repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.1mm. The overall weight of the machine is controlled within 10kg, truly creating a commercial and consumer scenario robot with industrial grade requirements and quality.

The other product at this new product launch event, the FAO FR30, is a new product developed for application scenarios such as palletizing, handling, and high torque. The effective load is 30kg, the working radius is 1403mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.1mm.

03 Ecological Creation for the Future

Fao is not only breaking the conventions of its products, but also constantly arousing industry acclaim through technological innovation and ultimate performance. Together with more like-minded partners, it is driving the process of collaborative robot toolization.

Due to the toolization of collaborative robots, it is inevitable that they will need to be able to adapt to more diverse and complex production environments in the future. This will enable collaborative robots to enter more scenarios in the future, not just a single product, but a complete set of integrated solutions.

To this end, Fao has been committed to creating a more open and compatible ecological platform, adapting to various integrated equipment, and providing multi scenario process packages. At this press conference, FAO innovatively launched an application model of collaborative robots, FAO process packages, and partner ecological modules. And it fully supports the ROS/ROS2 platform, based on various SDKs such as C #/C++/Python, and can seamlessly integrate with other devices and systems.

For greater convenience, Fao and its partners have developed offline welding software packages, palletizing software packages, gluing software packages, robotic arm drive packages, and visual algorithm packages. This not only fully meets the deep development needs of integrators, but also helps users quickly build various application scenarios such as welding, palletizing, spraying, loading and unloading, agricultural picking, moxibustion therapy, coffee and milk tea, providing more comprehensive and efficient solutions.

04 Conclusion

From products to ecology, at this press conference, FAO further demonstrated its vision of working with more partners to achieve mutual benefits and promote the acceleration of robot+development.

As the era of "robot+" and "artificial intelligence+" approaches comprehensively, FAO continues to be on the path of industry pioneers, reducing the threshold and entry cost of collaborative robots through continuous technological iteration and innovative supply chain models. With a more comprehensive product portfolio, it actively explores the application boundaries of collaborative robots, hoping to empower more application scenarios and return collaborative robots to their basic tool attributes.
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