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Pierce Magnetic is about to make its debut at the Hanover Industrial Expo: Machinery and Information Security in Transformation

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As a global indicator of industrial technology, the 2024 Hanover Industrial Fair in Germany is set to open grandly from April 22nd to 26th. On this stage that brings together the world's top industrial innovations, Pilz will showcase its security products and services at booth D17 in Hall 9, helping users overcome the challenges of digital transformation.

Without industrial information security, there would be no mechanical security

With the introduction of new EU machinery regulations, industrial information security issues will become mandatory no later than 2027. In the interconnected world of automation, mechanical safety and information security have become a whole: both are indispensable. Nowadays, the industrial sector is in a process of transformation.

Peel Magnetic Force helps businesses ensure information security during digital transformation and provides support through the following methods:

CESA Training: Peel Magnet provides "Certified Expert in Automation Information Security" (CESA) training aimed at enhancing participants' abilities in industrial information security. The training content is comprehensive, covering basic knowledge of regulatory requirements, risk assessment, as well as relevant information on implementing technical and organizational safety measures in industrial environments.

Industrial information security consulting services: including comprehensive security risk inspection and assessment of equipment and machines, and proposing concepts and suggestions for improving machine level physical security.

Security Bridge Firewall: monitors data traffic between personal computers and controllers to ensure that any unauthorized changes are reported and processed in a timely manner.

Identity Authentication and Access Management (I.A.M.): Integrating mechanical security and information security. The system provides comprehensive security protection from user authentication and selection of operation modes, to data and network security, and to access management.

New Product Release: Pirmagnetic Company launches a new operating component PIT oe ETH, which is a security device with an activatable Ethernet port. Only authorized personnel can temporarily activate this interface, such as for new configurations, to ensure operational security.

Through these training, services, and products, Pearson Magnetic Company is ready to help businesses overcome challenges in digital transformation and ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment and machinery.

Safety locking device - ensuring production efficiency

Pierce Magnetic's safety locking device series aims to provide comprehensive protection for movable protective devices, thereby meeting the needs of different industrial application scenarios. The two new safety locking devices launched by Peel Magnet - PSENmlock mini and PSENslock 2- are not only exquisitely designed but also highly adaptable. PSENmlock mini is particularly suitable for space limited applications due to its compact size. And PSENslock 2, with its sturdy and durable characteristics, has become an ideal safety choice in harsh industrial environments.

Secure communication in industrial transformation

Safe communication with the site is a prerequisite for successful transformation: Pirmagnetic will demonstrate how to utilize its complete IO Link Safety system (including the main station, on-site equipment, and accessories) to achieve secure data communication for each sensor on site, as well as how to ensure higher availability and more flexible automation. At this exhibition, visitors will experience the advantages of this complete solution on an interconnected automation device that integrates robot technology. The combination of open communication system EtherCAT and security protocol Safety over EtherCAT FSoE to achieve secure data transmission is also a problem. Secure data transmission can be achieved using a solution with FSoE functionality, such as a small security controller PNOZmulti 2.

Norway's "Green" Integrated Automation

The partner country of this year's Hanover Industrial Expo is Norway, with almost half of its final energy consumption coming from hydroelectric power generation. Norway hopes to accelerate the development of electrification in order to achieve industrial low-carbon. Peel Magnet fully supports Norway's transformation: Since 1996, Peel Magnet has been operating locally in Scandinavia, providing products and solutions for automation and safety in sustainable power generation.

Pierce Magnet cordially invites you to visit the Hanover Industrial Expo and have face-to-face discussions with Pierce Magnet's experts to explore how to utilize Pierce Magnet's innovative technologies and solutions to jointly promote industrial automation towards a greener and safer future.
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