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Endershouse's world's first DN3000 electromagnetic flowmeter successfully goes offline

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Recently, the world's first DN3000 caliber electromagnetic flowmeter from Endhouse was successfully produced at the Endhouse Suzhou production center. This electromagnetic flowmeter will be applied to accurately measure the raw water flow rate of a domestic water plant user. Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used for flow measurement of conductive fluids in various industries

Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in the flow measurement of conductive fluids in various industries. In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered the law of electromagnetic induction; In 1941, Father Bonaventura Turman studied the measurement of flow based on Faraday's law of induction; In 1977, the Endershaus Swiss Flow Production Center was established and began producing electromagnetic flow meters.

Although Enderhaus only produced a limited number of electromagnetic flow meters in its first year, its innovative research and development team has emerged with many remarkable ideas, continuously creating multiple "world firsts" and leading the industry's pace, setting a new benchmark for industry progress. Frost Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm, awarded Enderhaus the "Global Electromagnetic Flowmeter Market Leadership Award" in 2017.

In 1980, Endhouse launched the first integrated electromagnetic flowmeter Magpac on the market;

In 1981, Enderhouse launched the Autozero 2000 electromagnetic flowmeter, which had the highest measurement accuracy and automatic zero adjustment on the market at that time;

In 1984, Endhouse launched the first electromagnetic flowmeter Variomag with microprocessor control on the market;

In 1986, Endhouse launched the fastest canned Speedtag on the market at that time;

In 1987, Endhouse launched the first two wire electromagnetic flowmeter Eximag on the market;

In 1993, Endhouse launched the first electromagnetic flowmeter Promg33 with an optical touch interface on the market;

In 2005, electromagnetic flow meters became the most common type of flow meter for industrial flow measurement, with Enderhaus producing over 100000 units annually;

In 2021, Enderhaus sold, installed, and put into use over 3 million electromagnetic flow meters worldwide;

In 2024, the largest diameter DN3000 electromagnetic flowmeter produced by Endershouse was successfully taken offline.

The successful production of this DN3000 electromagnetic flowmeter once again witnesses Enderhaus's outstanding technological innovation ability and advanced production and calibration capabilities. As your trusted partner, Endhouse always adheres to customer needs as the core, continuously promotes product upgrades and technological innovation, and provides accurate, efficient, and reliable flow meter products and services to global users.
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