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Accelerating the development of new quality and productivity, Midea's industrial technology with motion control and reducer business made its debut at the 2024 Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

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On March 28, 2024, Midea Industrial Technology, along with its high-tech innovation brand, made a heavyweight appearance at the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, showcasing the core products and comprehensive solutions of high-tech motion control (booth number 9-H60), as well as the high-performance harmonic reducer (booth number 10-D51) that has achieved breakthroughs in the field of precision transmission. With high-performance, high-precision, and high reliability industrial automation solutions, Midea helped industrial customers improve quality and efficiency, strengthen the chain and achieve win-win results, injecting momentum into China's intelligent manufacturing and development of new productive forces.

Midea Industrial Technology with Motion Control and Reducer Business Appears at the 2024 Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

Efficient and stable! Empowering lean production with a comprehensive solution for high-tech motion control

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation level, the demand for high-performance, high reliability, easy integration, and intelligent motion control products in the market has surged, especially in the fields of machine tools, automated production lines, industrial robots, etc., where high requirements are put forward for the accuracy, speed, and stability of motion control. With profound technological accumulation and innovative capabilities in the field of motion control, Midea Industrial Technology's high-tech brand has brought a series of comprehensive motion control solutions to assist intelligent and lean production.

High performance visual motion controller solution for high-tech display (booth number 9-H60)

The highly innovative and high-performance visual motion controller solution cleverly integrates visual controllers and motion controllers into one. Through a unified software platform, it achieves deep integration of its own visual and motion control algorithm modules, enabling the two to work together more accurately and harmoniously. Performance advantages include:

The high-precision synchronous motion control technology of dynamic visual servo allows the machine to maintain extremely high positioning accuracy and stability even during rapid movement. The positioning accuracy of dynamic visual servo is ≤ 1.0MM, the angle is<1.0 °, and the measurement accuracy is<0.5% of the workpiece size;

The visual processing ability has been improved by 50%, and the innovative and optimized high-tech 2D camera can achieve high-precision processing capabilities of 30 photos per second;

In terms of servo parameter tuning, Gaochuang adopts the HDM algorithm based on machine model frequency domain analysis, which has higher reliability and faster efficiency in self tuning parameters; During the tuning process, the target object moves a small distance and there will be no vibration that may damage the machine.

Another motion control solution - Gaochuang Lithium Battery Winding Solution - utilizes precise control and optimization algorithms to achieve high-speed and high-precision winding processes, promoting the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the lithium battery industry.

The Gaochuang BD3 series AC servo system adopts a hidden encoder battery compartment, with simple wiring and stable connection. The overall design is very exquisite, and the performance advantages include:

The design of separating strong and weak electricity greatly enhances the system's anti-interference ability, effectively avoiding unnecessary alarm interference and ensuring the stable operation of the equipment;

Its advanced algorithm combines rigidity and flexibility, ensuring both control accuracy and flexibility adaptability of the system;

The system also supports open-loop force control function, achieving precise control through sensorless pressure control, and supports optional pressure holding function and collision protection; Pressure maintaining support for 5 positions and pressure settings; Accurate collision protection to avoid false alarms;

The High Tech Innovation Enhanced DS2P+DM2 servo system integrates high-performance, fast response, and easy to debug DS2P drivers with a reliable, durable, and powerful DM2 servo motor, providing 3.5 times overload capacity and up to 6000rpm speed, enabling precise control of the servo motor in the power range of 0.2~2.0kW. It is suitable for industries such as 3C, woodworking, packaging, printing, carving, and robotic arms. In addition, the high-precision gantry platform also boasts excellent synchronization performance and gantry axis control capabilities, ensuring a 30% reduction in current consumption while performing high-precision operations. It also matches the diverse needs of customers with both rigid and flexible mechanical gantry structures.

Performance improvement! Core products of high-tech motion control help improve the quality and efficiency of mechanical motion

On the core products of motion control, Gaochuang showcases a series of high-performance motors, integrated drive and control machines, as well as a variety of controller products. The Gaochuang PH2-K series hollow motor adopts a unique hollow design, which not only facilitates machine integration, but also demonstrates the advantages of high resolution and stable feedback. Even under acceleration conditions of 500rpm and 0.3G, it can maintain a high positioning accuracy of 0.008 °. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low temperature rise, low noise, and high efficiency, and is suitable for industries such as medical and semiconductor that require extremely high cleanliness levels. The Gaochuang SmartPx multi in one drive control integrated machine, with its significant advantages such as drive control integration, multi axis synchronization, small size, simple and easy to use, and support for digital twins, demonstrates intelligent and efficient motion control capabilities. With various built-in high-performance control algorithms, position interpolation, vibration suppression and other functions, it provides strong motion control support for the robotics industry and other fields. It has also won the Industrial Robot Innovation Award at the China Automation+Digital Industry Annual Conference.

In addition, in terms of controller products, Gaochuang showcases MC series medium-sized motion controllers that meet complex motion control needs, more efficient and stable SC300 series compact motion controllers, and SP2N series small PLCs with dual network port design, which can be widely used in the field of industrial automation.

Multiple Innovations! High performance harmonic reducers lead the industry in improving performance and accuracy

With the accelerated upgrading of intelligence and automation in various fields, the development momentum of the robot industry is becoming increasingly strong. As the "joint" of robots, the reducer is one of the key components of robots, which is of great significance in promoting the progress of domestic robot technology and the improvement of intelligent manufacturing level. At the Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, Midea Industrial Technology showcased multiple independently developed high-performance harmonic reducers, which attracted industry attention with their industry-leading product technology level, industry-leading M-tooth design, and significantly improved bearing capacity and lifespan.

Midea Industrial Technology showcases multiple independently developed high-performance harmonic reducers (booth number 10-D51)

In terms of product performance, Midea's industrial technology high-performance harmonic reducer uses industry high standard materials, which combine high precision and high rigidity. It has been certified by industry high standard reliability laboratories, and its indicators of empty travel, hysteresis loss, transmission error, and torsional rigidity are comparable to industry benchmarks. For example, the initial accuracy of the product is ≤ 1 minute, and the accuracy degradation after 10000 hours is ≤ 1 minute, which is on par with the highest level in the industry; In terms of product lifespan, this series of products adopts high-precision simulation technology to optimize structural design, flexible wheel variable wall thickness design to adapt to large elastic deformation, and reduce the bearing force of the flexible shaft, greatly improving the lifespan of the reducer. Tests show that the product lifespan exceeds 10000 hours, which is at the leading level in the industry; In terms of technological innovation, the unique M tooth profile of the product has a continuous multi arc meshing surface, which improves the meshing rate of the tooth profile at the same time, significantly improves the bearing capacity and service life, and achieves more durable, reliable, stable, and clean applications. The overall performance has obtained CRRI certification and international leading appraisal.

Midea industrial technical staff introduced high-performance harmonic reducer products on site

In addition, Midea's industrial technology high-performance harmonic reducer has achieved forward design with independent intellectual property rights, and has laid out over 100 patents. Its overall performance has reached the international leading level, and it can be applied to industrial robots, collaborative robots, service robots, and industrial automation scenarios, providing strong support for the import substitution of key components of industrial robots in China, the rise of independent brands, and the independent controllability of the industrial chain.

At the 2024 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, Midea Industrial Technology showcased its layout in the fields of industrial automation and robotics, as well as innovative products and solutions, demonstrating its strong strength and determination in empowering customers with intelligent transformation and helping China's manufacturing industry upgrade its strong chain. Adhering to the principle of "adhering to technology driving everything", Midea Industrial Technology will rely on global R&D layout and continuous innovation accumulation to continuously improve the leading and reliability of core products and solutions, and contribute to the intelligent upgrading and accelerated development of new productive forces in China's manufacturing industry.

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