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Advantech launches a new SKY-602E3 GPU server, with a compact tower design providing more AI possibilities

Date: Apr 09, 2024Views:

Advantech, a global industrial IoT brand, recently launched the SKY-602E3 tower type GPU server. The exterior design of this product combines power, efficiency, and compactness, marking a significant progress for Advantech in the field of AI applications, providing users with more AI application scenarios.

SKY-602E3 GPU server equipped with AMD EPYC ™ The 8004 series processor is designed specifically to meet the strict requirements of various AI applications. Featuring a memory arrangement consisting of 6 DDR5 ECC/RDIMM slots, it provides stable and reliable performance for complex data tasks.

The SKY-602E3 GPU server has four PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, which perform well in graphics processing for AI applications. It also supports four PCIe 5.0 x8 slots for expansion in network and DPU installations. This server supports NVIDIA multi series GPU cards: NVIDIA RTX for high-end workstations ™ 6000 Ada Generation GPU card, RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation GPU card for mission critical workstations, and RTX2000 Ada Generations GPU card for entry-level workstations. In addition, it also accommodates NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core and L40 GPU, enhancing its scalability and adaptability in various professional environments from artificial intelligence research to complex data analysis.

The SKY-602E3 GPU server stands out for its flexible installation method. It can be easily installed on the desktop for access or on the wall to save space. The normal 4U rack space can accommodate 2 SKY-602E3 units horizontally, which has space efficiency. This adaptability makes SKY-602E3 very suitable for various operating environments, from small laboratories to large data centers.

In the constantly evolving AI applications, Advantech SKY-602E3 servers are crucial for stimulating innovation and efficiency. Advantech is committed to providing powerful, flexible, and space saving product solutions. Advantech's new GPU servers will drive the implementation of AI industry applications. For more detailed information about SKY-602E3, please visit Advantech's official website or contact Advantech's local business.

SKY-602E3 GPU server features:

Single core AMD EPYC ™ 8004 series processors


2 x PCIe 5.0 X16 DW NVIDIA GPU

4 PCIe 5.0 X8 slots

Built in 2 x 2.5 "SATA SSD

800W redundant PSU

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