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HMS Industrial Network and Red Lion Control collaborate to provide a stronger product portfolio in the field of industrial information and communication technology

Date: Apr 09, 2024Views:

  On April 2, 2024, HMS Industrial Network completed the acquisition of Red Lion Control from Sibaiji Group Holdings Limited. These two companies are now one entity and can start collaborating to develop a common market strategy and product planning.

  The acquisition was first announced on December 11, 2023 and has now been approved. This means that HMS Industrial Network currently has approximately 1200 employees in 18 countries. Most employees are located in the United States, Sweden, and Germany.

  HMS President and CEO Staffan Dahlstr ö m said, "We are pleased to welcome all new employees and important customers of Red Lion to join the HMS Industrial Network family, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey. Now, as we jointly launch the integration process, we look forward to leveraging our comprehensive strengths, shared values, and commitments to provide excellent value to our customers. In the coming quarters, our focus will be on ensuring seamless integration and actively seeking synergies between companies. We look forward to accelerating our leading position in the North American market together."

  For HMS and Red Lion customers, there will be no changes at present. HMS and Red Lion products will continue to be marketed and sold through the original channels of the brand, with contact window personnel and email addresses remaining unchanged.

  Looking ahead, the merger of HMS and Red Lion will provide many synergies, especially in expanding HMS's market in the United States and Red Lion's market in Europe. Red Lion's largest sales come from North America, and through a comprehensive dealer network, HMS will be able to leverage this network to drive sales of HMS gateways and remote access products. With approximately 60% of its sales coming from the large automation market in Europe and a comprehensive and targeted market channel, HMS is able to cross sell specific products of Red Lion Company in Europe.

The Red Lion China team will join HMS's wholly-owned subsidiary in China - Hengmeisi Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, belonging to the HMS Greater China market unit, and will continue to provide services to Red Lion agents and customers as an independent team.

Red Lion's business (including contracts, orders, logistics, etc.) will be operated by Hengmeisi as an entity. With further integration of the two teams, HMS's gateway and remote solutions will become more diverse, and new product lines such as industrial Ethernet switches and human-machine interfaces will be added. In the Greater China region, there will also be more channel partners, as well as a stronger

market and service system.

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