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Yuancun offers a variety of wide temperature storage solutions, with strong capabilities to meet the challenges of industrial robot applications

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  With the continuous discovery of Internet of Things technology, industrial robots, as a special type of industrial equipment, can efficiently, accurately, and repetitively perform manual tasks, thus playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry. They are often used in various wide temperature environments, such as outdoor applications, cold chain logistics, etc. So the stability and reliability of solid-state drives and DRAM performance are particularly important.

  However, in practical applications, extreme and harsh working environments can seriously affect the data storage of industrial robots, leading to data leakage. As an industrial wide temperature storage brand under Jinsheng Electronics, YANSEN Yuancun always actively approaches the market, deeply explores customer pain points, and uses professional and reliable product technology to help customers achieve transformation and upgrading. Its multiple wide temperature SSDs have undergone strict verification and various wide temperature reliability tests, making it a stable and reliable high-quality solution that can meet the needs of different harsh industry applications.

  Extended wide temperature verification to flexibly meet industrial needs

  The particularity of industrial environment requires hardware to have strong adaptability, such as humidity, vibration, dust, high temperature, etc. After 24 hours of high and low temperature pressure testing, Yuancun wide temperature SSD undergoes rigorous functional and efficiency testing, supporting a wide temperature working environment of -40 ℃ -85 ℃. It also ensures that each SSD's storage particles, PCB board, and components can withstand long periods of wide temperature, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, etc. The product functions stably and has passed international authoritative certifications such as FCC, CE, RoHS, KC, REACH, etc. It can maintain stable performance in harsh industrial environments.

  Empowering diversified industrial robot applications in practice

  Yuancun can provide "diversified industrial grade" wide temperature storage according to the actual application needs of customers in the industrial robot field, fully covering the needs of all industrial application scenarios.

  For example, high-speed robots can replace frontline high-risk workers in various flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, high-temperature and high-pressure environments. But at the same time, it may face the problem of reduced work accuracy, especially in heavy industrial applications such as mining or smelting plants. The Yuancun industrial storage solution supports operation in extreme environments and solves thermal problems through a temperature support of 85 ℃, ensuring efficient and stable operation of the system even in harsh environments. For example, robots in cold chain logistics factories must continue to work in low-temperature environments. The Yuancun industrial storage solution can enable robots to operate stably in long-term low-temperature environments without interruption, without fear of extreme cold and low temperature resistance, while meeting 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted service to ensure the quality of cold chain logistics robot services, adapt to extremely low temperature harsh conditions, and ensure that data is not lost.

  It is worth mentioning that industrial robots must be able to recover from various power events, such as power outages. Even in the event of a power failure, the robot control system can still save key parameters and data status. In order to achieve this reliability, the Metastorage industrial storage solution provides stable data storage and is also equipped with power outage protection to ensure uninterrupted operation and data integrity in the field of industrial robots. Yuancun uses hardware power-off protection technology to ensure that the data of industrial robot systems remains consistent and intact in the event of sudden power outages, reducing the risk of data damage or loss, preventing interruptions and system crashes caused by power outages, maintaining system stability, and reducing downtime.

  It can be foreseen that in the coming years, industrial robot development will face a series of problems. As these systems become increasingly complex, reliability becomes increasingly important. Yuancun will continue to be market driven, focusing on technological research and development from multiple dimensions such as overall product design, stability, and reliability. It will provide customers and the market with diversified and customized storage products and solutions, playing an irreplaceable storage role in the limited space of industrial robot applications, and helping the industrial robot market move towards high-quality development.

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