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Xinsong Mobile Robotics Entering the Local New Energy Market in Europe, Adding Milestones to the Internationalization Journey

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Recently, hundreds of mobile robots of seven major types from Xinsong Company have been delivered on a large scale at new energy factories in the UK, France and other places, which are internationally renowned power battery giants. This has contributed to the innovation of green and sustainable development in Europe and has once again attracted the attention of this international robot enterprise from all walks of life!

Xinsong Company China Headquarters

Mobile robot production workshop ▼

Xinsong Company has over 30 years of research and development history in the field of mobile robots, and has accumulated more than 1500 domestic and foreign mobile robot project experience. Our service clients include many internationally renowned automotive brands such as General Motors, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Honda, Ford, Nissan, as well as multiple global leading new energy vehicle and new energy battery brand factories. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many Fortune 500 companies, and our products are distributed in many countries and regions in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Establishment of the Stuttgart Service Center in Xinsong Germany

Further Improvement of Global Layout ▼

80% of high-end customers in overseas regions

The product is exported to various parts of the world

United States - Alabama

Two well-known Japanese car brand joint venture factories

In this project, the Xinsong chassis assembly mobile robot simultaneously shoulders the chassis assembly task of two major Japanese brand cars. The robot uses dynamic accompanying technology to achieve autonomous following and synchronization with the body, and can flexibly adjust the robot circuit according to user process needs, further improving production flexibility and meeting the rigorous craftsmanship spirit and strict requirements for production equipment of Japanese car factories.

USA - Texas

A leading global electric vehicle and energy company

In this project, Xinsong provided multiple mobile robot devices to the North American new energy battery factory of a leading global electric vehicle and energy company, helping users achieve flexible and intelligent material transportation between various processes in lithium battery production. This is also a milestone for Xinsong to once again become its North American regional supplier after providing bulk mobile robot equipment for the user in the China region.

UK - Liverpool

A certain British luxury car brand

In this project, Xinsong Company achieved the first complete system of Chinese mobile robots to pass the EU CE certification, and the assembled mobile robots were exported in bulk to the headquarters factory of luxury car brands in the UK. This marks that Xinsong Mobile Robot not only leads the international market in product performance, but also fully meets international first-class safety standards, laying a solid foundation for further exploring European, American and even global markets in the future.

Germany - Arnstadt

A globally leading new energy technology company

In this project, Xinsong Company provides an intelligent and flexible mobile robot system solution for a globally leading new energy technology company's German factory, with nearly a hundred mobile robots in various categories, including high-precision mobile robots and single arm axis mobile robots. The entire system has successfully passed the EU CE certification, and this project is also the first new energy battery project of Xinsong Mobile Robotics overseas.

Vietnam - Coastal Defense

The first domestic automotive brand in Vietnam

In this project, Xinsong has multiple sets of dual lift assembly mobile robots and battery assembly mobile robots to assist Vietnam's first local automotive brand in efficiently completing the assembly of engines and rear axles, as well as the assembly and production of electric vehicles. Xinsong Company provided mobile robot equipment to the factory during its initial construction period. With the globalization of the factory, it will also bring greater opportunities for Xinsong Company to expand its global market.

Malaysia - Penang

A globally renowned semiconductor enterprise

In this project, Xinsong provided nearly a hundred sets of composite robots to a globally renowned semiconductor manufacturer in Malaysia, solving the material flow problem in its on-site production process. This is also the first time in the semiconductor industry outside of China that composite robots have been widely used for material transportation, promoting industry quality and efficiency through automation and flexibility.

A powerful core technology platform

Meet non-standard customization needs in different scenarios

For mobile robots, facing different production scenarios and process requirements in various regions and industries around the world, it is difficult to meet user needs through 100% standardized design. Therefore, the engineering attributes of product customization and development are very strong. This requires mobile robot companies to make their products into standard modules, assemble them according to the actual needs of customers, and provide customized solutions.

Based on the independent core technology chain of controllers, control systems, navigation systems, power supply systems, and safety systems in the field of mobile robots, Xinsong Company has created a platform based core technology foundation, and combined with the specific needs of customers in different industries, provides leading customized products and solutions.

1. Customized product design: Taking the lithium battery industry as an example, Xinsong has developed a customized mobile robot full product matrix for the lithium battery industry. The single arm axis mobile robot uses flexible lifting mechanisms to complete material retrieval and placement, and high-precision docking mobile robots solve the pain points that are difficult to accurately dock during battery coil processing. The V-groove mobile robot is compatible with multiple types of foil coils with a length of 1300mm to 1700mm. At present, the acceptance rate of domestic and international projects for Xinsong lithium-ion mobile robot products is as high as 100%.

Customized development for the lithium battery industry by Xinsong

Mobile Robot Full Product Matrix ▼

2. Customized navigation design: Xinsong Company is a global leader in the field of mobile robot navigation technology. Its independently developed navigation includes various navigation sensors such as magnetic guidance, inertial navigation, QR code, laser, vision, SLAM, etc. It can choose the most suitable navigation method according to user needs or use composite navigation methods. Taking the photovoltaic industry as an example, Xinsong Company combines 3D-SLAM navigation with unmanned driving control technology to create a comprehensive solution for mobile robots covering indoor and outdoor areas for customers.

Xinsong combines 3D-SLAM navigation with unmanned driving control technology

To create a comprehensive solution covering indoor and outdoor areas for photovoltaic customers ▼

3. Customized unit selection: Taking the assembled robot as an example, Xinsong can customize different quantities and types of robot lifting units according to user process requirements. The number of lifting machines includes single lifting, double lifting, triple lifting, and quadruple lifting; The types of lifts include scissor lifts, drum lifts, etc. At the same time, Xinsong has also developed customized dual vehicle linkage assembly solutions to meet the flexible production needs of the heavy-duty truck industry, further demonstrating the industry's top-notch customized innovation and research and development capabilities.

Xinsong Mobile Robot "Dual Vehicle Linkage"

Auxiliary Heavy Truck Assembly ▼

Xinsong Company customizes and develops products and solutions for users in a certain scenario, and can also replicate applications in the same scenario from other manufacturers, continuously shortening delivery cycles and meeting customer needs.

With excellent service quality

Assist global partners in intelligent development

As early as 2018, Interact Analysis, an international market research firm in the field of automation, reported that Xinsong Company became the only supplier in the world to occupy more than 10% (excluding 10%) of the international market share of mobile robots, ranking among the world's top in terms of comprehensive competitiveness and market share of mobile robots. The impressive transcript of international development benefits not only from strong technological reserves, leading customized solution capabilities, but also from reliable service quality.

Display of local factories both domestically and internationally in Xinsong ▼

The Xinsong Mobile Robotics team adheres to the concept of "harmony but diversity" and attaches great importance to local laws, regulations, and industry norms. We have passed a series of international authoritative certifications such as CE certification, UL certification, GOST certification, ESA certification, CR certification, and have a comprehensive quality control and management system.

In addition, Xinsong Mobile Robotics adheres to the globalization of production factors. At present, Xinsong Company has the largest robot industrialization base in China and has established industrial parks in multiple places, possessing strong large-scale production and processing capabilities. At the same time, we have accelerated our overseas layout and construction, established overseas subsidiaries and service centers in Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, and other places, and built a three-dimensional research and development, production, engineering, and service network around the world, greatly improving our local operation capabilities and market response speed, ensuring the timeliness, continuity, and efficiency of customer service.

Xinsong Engineer

Mobile robot product assembly ▼

Xinsong Mobile Robotics has a team of professional technical experts in software, electrical, mechanical, and other fields, with rich experience in scheme planning and design, product development, engineering implementation, and on-site management. It is good at dealing with various uncertain factors and unexpected situations, solving customer concerns, and ensuring high-quality and timely delivery of projects.

In addition to a professional overseas engineering team, Xinsong Company also has long-term stable and experienced business partners around the world. We have established a strong cooperative relationship between our clients, Xinsong's overseas team, and local partners, bridging the barriers of different languages, cultures, and time differences, and meeting our clients' localization needs from multiple aspects such as products, technology, personnel, and services.

Xinsong Engineer

Mobile robot product debugging ▼

More importantly, during its years of cooperation with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Xinsong Mobile Robotics has established a comprehensive service system that is in line with the strictest management standards. At the same time, it is also better at long-term quality tracking and after-sales service for products and projects sold worldwide, and its service capabilities have comprehensively reached a leading level of internationalization and standardization.

Xinsong Company takes "robots make the world a better place" as its corporate mission, and is committed to bringing the future of "intelligence, digitization, and greening" to various parts of the world. On April 22-26, Berlin time, the globally acclaimed 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo will be held grandly. At that time, Xinsong Company will make an appearance at the HALL5 D38 booth of the Hanover International Exhibition Center in Germany. The exhibited products will include Xinsong Company's mature mobile robot star products, as well as industrial robots and collaborative robot series products. Welcome new and old friends to come and exchange ideas!

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