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Moving More: Sany Heavy Industry will showcase its green and latest products at INTERMAT 2024

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Sany Group is preparing to participate in the 2024 INTERMAT trade show held in Paris from April 24th to 27th, 2024, with booth number Ext 5 C 044. The booth covers an area of 2728 square meters and is impressive, showcasing 34 cutting-edge machines, including excavators, concrete machinery, road machinery, port machinery, and multiple hydraulic components.

Attendees can look forward to witnessing a new batch of equipment, including small excavators, European customized wheeled excavators, pile drivers, front cranes, telescopic forklifts, mixer trucks, and road machinery. It is worth mentioning that in order to coincide with the theme of "low-carbon" at this exhibition, Sany Heavy Industry will bring six pure electric machinery to the exhibition, including two forklifts SCP35C6, one SCM500E-10 milling machine, one front suspension SRSC45E5, one mixing truck SY408C-8FRBEV, and one small excavator SY19E, demonstrating the company's dedication to environmental responsibility in the construction industry and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition, visitors to the Sany booth will have the opportunity to experience the company's intelligent manufacturing and digital plans through immersive demonstrations on digital screens. This screen will share the real scene of Sany Heavy Industry's Lighthouse Factory No. 18 in Changsha, with real-time calculations of IIoT platform, excavator index, and dual carbon management.

In addition, Sany Heavy Industry will also hold an excavator exhibition, providing all visitors with the powerful charm of heavy machinery and French romance. At the driving club, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the equipment of Sany firsthand through the game "Building Simulator 3".

The rotating chairman of Sany Group, Xiang Wenbo, said, "We focus on the 'globalization, digitization, and decarbonization' strategy, and our mission has always been clear: to provide high-quality and reliable products and services to global customers. However, we are also contributing to the global efforts to address climate change. Sany Heavy Industry is promoting green and sustainable development in all aspects, building a green production chain based on source, process, and terminal carbon reduction. Currently, almost all of Sany Heavy Industry's product portfolio includes electric products, and we look forward to bringing more electric products to the European market.".

Sany Heavy Industry, with the theme of "Moving more", has always been at the forefront of the industry's transformation towards a green future. The company will showcase its vision for a sustainable and greener future at INTERMAT 2024. Please continue to stay tuned for real-time updates and exclusive coverage.

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