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Siemens releases Veloce CS, unlocking three new products to boost hardware acceleration simulation and prototype verification

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The innovative Veloce CS architecture integrates hardware accelerated simulation, enterprise prototype verification, and software prototype verification, accelerating the verification and validation cycle by 10 times and reducing overall costs by 5 times

Veloce CS can be reused across all platforms for seamless migration, accelerating the execution and debugging speed of system workloads by 10 times

Modular and scalable interconnect blade installation method, eliminating the need for fixed size chassis, providing hardware assistance tools for designs of various scales

Siemens Digital Industrial Software Launches Velocity ™  CS hardware assisted verification and confirmation system. The system integrates hardware simulation, enterprise prototype verification, and software prototype verification, and relies on two advanced integrated circuits (ICs) - Siemens specific Crystal accelerator chips for hardware simulation, and AMD Versal for enterprise and software prototype verification ™  Premium VP1902 FPGA adaptive SoC.

Veloce ™  CS includes three new products:

Velocity for hardware accelerated simulation ™  Strato CS hardware

Velocity for enterprise prototype verification ™  Primo CS hardware

Velocity for software prototype verification ™  ProFPGA CS hardware

The Veloce CS system is designed for consistency, speed, and modularity across three platforms, supporting design scales ranging from 40 million gates to over 40 billion gates. In addition, Veloce CS can select appropriate tools based on the specific requirements of each task to efficiently run the entire system's workload with excellent observability and consistency, thereby accelerating project convergence and reducing the cost of each validation cycle.

To achieve these capabilities, Siemens has collaborated with key customers and partners to develop innovative hardware and a unified software architecture:

Compared with the previous generation of Veloce Strato, the hardware accelerated simulation performance of Veloce Strato CS has significantly improved, up to 5 times, while maintaining full observability. Its support capacity has expanded from 40 million gate circuits to over 40 billion gate circuits.

Veloce Primo CS is based on AMD's advanced Versal Premium VP1902 FPGA, providing high consistency in enterprise prototype verification systems, and can also scale from 40 million gate circuits to over 40 billion gate circuits.

Veloce Strato CS and Veloce Primo CS can run on the same operating system and seamlessly move between different platforms, significantly accelerating startup, setup, debugging, and workload execution speed.

Veloce proFPGA CS is also based on AMD's Versal Premium VP1902 FPGA adaptive SoC, creating a high-speed and comprehensive software prototype verification solution that can scale from one FPGA to hundreds. This performance, combined with highly flexible modular design, can help customers significantly accelerate the development of firmware, operating systems, and applications, as well as the execution of system integration tasks.

Veloce CS adopts a modular blade configuration, which meets the requirements of modern data centers for easy installation, low power consumption, excellent cooling performance, and compact packaging. In addition, the Veloce proFPGA CS solution also offers a desktop laboratory version, which can further improve usage flexibility. Veloce CS can work with AMD EPYC ™  HP DL385g11 server runs synchronously.

AMD Global Academician Alex Starr said, "In the past decade, the development of SoC and system level design has brought many changes to the industry, and Hardware Assisted Validation (HAV) has become increasingly important. AMD has been working closely with Siemens to incorporate AMD Versal Premium VP1902 into the Veloce Primo CS and Veloce proFPGA CS systems to improve overall performance and scalability. Veloce CS can also run in conjunction with HP DL385 gen11 servers equipped with AMD EPYC CPUs, which is not only a reflection of Siemens' rapid response to customer needs, but also a demonstration of the Veloce team's continuous innovation."

In addition, customers can also use a comprehensive combination of applications and solutions, which can be shared among the three new products of Veloce CS.

Tran Nguyen, Senior Director of Arm Design Services, said, "Time to market is crucial for the entire Arm partner ecosystem. We need to provide modular, refined, and efficient tools for IP and SoC validation. Siemens' Veloce platform has become an indispensable part of Arm's development process, and we have also seen the continued advantages that the Veloce Strato CS system will bring in hardware design acceleration and software development."

Jean Marie Brunet, Vice President and General Manager of Siemens Digital Industrial Software and Hardware Assisted Validation, stated, "Veloce CS offers three highly consistent, fast, and modular hardware assisted systems that can simultaneously meet the specific needs of hardware, software, and system engineers, helping them unleash energy and create advanced electronic products. Veloce CS's innovative capabilities can provide appropriate tools for each task, accelerate the entire validation process, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve profitability."

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