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MARGO Plan: Enhancing Edge Interoperability of Industrial Automation with New Open Standards

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Nowadays, industrial enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The latest report from Manpower Group shows that up to 75% of industrial enterprises are facing talent shortages. At the same time, facing an increasingly competitive environment, constantly changing customer demands, supply chain challenges, and an urgent pursuit of high quality, productivity, and overall efficiency, industry has put forward higher demands for the availability of data and its analytical and management capabilities. Even more severe is that industry is the sector with the largest global carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable development in the industrial sector is becoming increasingly urgent.

In this context, it is crucial to assist industrial enterprises in improving performance and flexibility through automation systems.

As the core of operational technology, automation systems can collect the data needed to generate insights, thereby helping to improve process sustainability, efficiency, and profitability. However, currently most automation systems are closed and highly dependent on manufacturers. Therefore, when customers choose hardware platforms, they are basically locked in a specific programming environment, making cross platform application automation programs very difficult and costly. On the contrary, this also increases the difficulty of promoting intelligence across architectures.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, continuous optimization is crucial for success. To ensure optimal performance, it is necessary to improve the level of data collection and management from the source (i.e. machines, production lines, and workshops). This is the moment when the new generation of edge computing applications come into play.

Building a cross domain, scalable, and secure edge application ecosystem

In Schneider Electric's view, automation systems should help business growth, rather than become a constraint. Users should be free to choose the technology most suitable for their operations, so as to deploy appropriate edge computing technology portfolio according to their respective process characteristics.

Schneider Electric fully supports an edge architecture that is flexible, interoperable, and independent of hardware and software. This architecture can make extensive use of data through edge computing and artificial intelligence technology.

These principles are exactly the core of Schneider Electric's long-term industrial automation strategy. To this end, Schneider Electric, as a founding member, collaborated with industry peers and the Linux Foundation to launch the MARGO program, jointly promoting the long-awaited edge interoperability.

Building a New Open Standard for Industrial Automation Edge Interoperability

The MARGO program is building new open standards for edge interoperability in industrial automation. Margo originates from the Latin word "edge" and defines the interoperability mechanism between edge applications, edge devices, and edge orchestration software. This open standard aims to provide the industry with the much-needed flexibility, ease of use, and scalability - breaking down innovation barriers in complex, multi vendor environments and accelerating digital transformation for organizations of all sizes.

This program is sponsored by the Joint Development Foundation (a member of the Linux Foundation) and supported by numerous leading global automation solution providers. The MARGO team sincerely invites like-minded industry partners to collaborate and contribute to the establishment of effective interoperability standards, helping users promote digital transformation more quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to ensure that applications, devices, and orchestration software work together, enabling suppliers within the industrial edge ecosystem to help businesses build, operate, and scale complex automation solutions more quickly, while ensuring seamless interaction between systems from different suppliers.

The MARGO program is committed to achieving this goal in a modern and flexible manner, while providing practical implementation references and comprehensive compliance testing tools. This plan aims to drive growth and value creation by eliminating current obstacles to business success, enabling industrial enterprises to accelerate innovation, shorten product time to market, and optimize the operational efficiency of complex automation systems from multiple suppliers.

Enterprises can build, operate, and expand the powerful edge applications and data management solutions they need at lower costs, complexity, and consumption to support their digital transformation plans. By allowing systems from different suppliers to interoperate, this open standard will drive the success of the entire ecosystem while achieving operational growth, shortening time to market, and improving investment returns.

In summary, the MARGO program aims to advance the following goals:

Openness and flexibility - Users can choose the solution that best meets their business needs.

Simplify - shorten time to market, simplify continuous optimization and maintenance work.

Innovation and growth - a flexible system capable of meeting the rapid development of today's enterprises.

Promoting Industry towards an Open Future

At Schneider Electric, we are committed to driving a new generation of software centric automation from proprietary closed systems to truly open and flexible automation systems, and putting customer needs first.

These principles have been integrated into Schneider Electric's long-term industrial automation strategy. As one of the six founding members of the MARGO program, Schneider Electric's full investment is a crucial step towards achieving edge interoperability.

We believe that the MARGO program will completely overturn the field of automation, enabling everyone to confidently overcome the barriers of traditional, hardware based, and specialized system models, and open up the innovation and development potential of the industrial sector. The MARGO program allows us to fully leverage the power of innovative, open, and collaborative digital systems and solutions, opening the door to our future industry.

At the upcoming 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo, Schneider Electric and AVEVA will serve as founding members to jointly launch the MARGO initiative. At the same time, they will demonstrate in a scenario based manner how to use "software centered automation" to help enterprises improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, and accelerate their journey towards the future of industry, on a nearly 2000 square meter exhibition stand.

For more highlights, please stay tuned for the live broadcast of the Schneider Electric Hanover Industrial Expo booth on April 24th at 3:00 PM. Welcome to Schneider Electric's video account to make an appointment to watch.

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