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2024 Hanover Industrial Exhibition: Schneider Electric Builds Industrial Influence with Software, Automation, and Electrification

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Boosting industrial growth through software defined automation

Joining hands with AVEVA, we have launched a series of innovative solutions aimed at improving industrial productivity, resilience, and efficiency

Showcasing industry expertise and full lifecycle solutions, empowering the entire industrial ecosystem

Hanover, Germany, April 22, 2024- At the Hanover Industrial Fair, which opened today, Schneider Electric showcased a range of innovative products and technologies, including industrial software, artificial intelligence, and digital twin technologies, from the perspective of a digital and sustainable life science industrial park in a nearly 2000 square meter exhibition area. With profound industry technical expertise and comprehensive solutions throughout the entire industrial value chain, Schneider Electric helped build industrial influence and empower enterprises to move towards an efficient and sustainable future industry.

"Industrial carbon emissions account for about 45% of total carbon emissions. According to the World Economic Forum's 2023 Net Zero Accelerator Initiative, 45% is calculated based on greenhouse gas emissions related to energy activities (excluding agriculture and forestry), including greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater emissions in Scope 1 and Scope 2, as well as unorganized emissions in the energy production process. This is the largest area of global carbon emissions. We must take proactive measures to accelerate industrial decarbonization while ensuring the improvement of production capacity." Barbara, Global Executive Vice President and Head of Industrial Automation Business at Schneider Electric. Frei said, "In this process, automation technology with industrial operation technology as the core and digital transformation as the cornerstone can help enterprises optimize production processes, significantly improve energy and raw material utilization efficiency, and is an important tool to promote the entire industrial transformation and upgrading."

Improving productivity and efficiency through software defined automation

Closed and proprietary industrial automation technology is hindering us from achieving the full vision of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We believe that open automation defined by software will effectively solve the issues of portability, configurability, and interoperability of application software among manufacturers, ultimately achieving efficiency improvement in engineering design and operation management, and bringing greater creativity and productivity to industrial development.

Since launching the EcoStruxure open automation platform in 2020, Schneider Electric has been committed to developing a unified and scalable industrial automation environment for processes, mixed and discrete industries based on its pioneering open, software defined automation. At the same time, Schneider Electric is based on the real needs of industry users, with the goal of improving enterprise agility and innovation capabilities. By helping users reduce total cost of ownership, simplify process flows and operations, it helps industrial operations achieve higher efficiency and resilience.

Barbara Frei believes, "Many of the automation devices currently in operation were designed, installed, and deployed decades ago, based on hardware bundled with a single vendor, and all of this occurred before the emergence of large-scale computing power. Now, with software defined open automation technology, we have simplified integration with existing systems, allowing users to upgrade or change automation systems according to their own needs."

Schneider Electric's innovative industrial products are all unveiled (Hall 11, Booth C52)

EcoStruxure Factory Application: EcoStruxure Plant Predictive Energy is Schneider Electric's latest industrial IoT software solution that can monitor energy consumption anomalies at multiple sites, helping businesses make better decisions and achieve better energy management.

EcoStruxure edge application: an open, scalable, ready to use ecosystem equipped with edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, converts data into actionable insights at the edge of the equipment (machine, production line or factory floor), and conducts real-time data processing. The first batch of applications released and showcased at the Hanover Industrial Expo include EcoStruxure edge application management, state-based maintenance applications, and autonomous capacity optimization applications.

The hybrid cloud MES: AVEVA's MES manufacturing execution system injects new vitality into the application field: data management, visualization, and advanced analysis.

The new generation of EvoPacT HVX medium voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker has high-performance parameters far higher than industry standards, and its mechanical life can reach 5 times the requirements of existing similar product standards. Based on the digital native design concept, users can grasp the health status of EvoPacT HVX 24/7, empower users and partners with digital and intelligent attributes to build sustainable development influence, and help promote the global process of digitization and electrification.

MasterPacT MTZ air circuit breaker: relying on the digital module installed in the control unit MicroLogic X, it significantly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency and energy efficiency management level of the equipment.

Lexium SCARA Robot Industrial Robot: A brand new compact high-speed industrial robot with high positioning accuracy, which can improve the production capacity and efficiency of manufacturing and assembly processes. It can seamlessly integrate into a unified machine control system, achieve centralized control and synchronization of multiple robots, and achieve collaborative data flow to meet more intelligent, flexible, and sustainable manufacturing needs.

Automation Application Copilot Automation Application Assistant: This automation application assistant utilizes the powerful features of generative artificial intelligence Gen AI to improve engineering efficiency, providing assistance to control engineers to handle the entire task flow generated by the application, including application architecture, creating assets from relevant libraries, and generating code/documentation/test cases.

TeSys Control and Protection Products: After a century of innovation and development, TeSys Control and Protection Products are committed to helping customers achieve precise control, efficient operation and maintenance, safety and reliability, green and low-carbon, and digital connectivity, leading innovation.

CONNECT Industrial Intelligence Platform: This independent end-to-end industrial intelligence platform from AVEVA enables the visualization and integration of engineering and operational data throughout the entire value chain, thereby building an ecosystem composed of employees, partners, and even customers. Integrating AI technology and based on intelligent digital twin technology, with the help of Schneider Electric, AVEVA, ETAP, RIB, and other third-party software suppliers, CONNECT can help enterprises improve efficiency and achieve sustainable development.

Joining hands with ecological partners to jointly create

[Microsoft Booth] Automation Application Copilot for PLC Code Generation: This code generation solution combines Schneider Electric's deep technical expertise in the industrial field with Microsoft's cutting-edge Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, helping engineers quickly write high-quality, tested, and validated code for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This automated application assistant can automate repetitive tasks and provide intelligent code advice, thereby reducing programming time.

[Cap Gemini Booth] Launches MARGO Program under the Linux Foundation: Schneider Electric and AVEVA, as founding members, jointly launched the MARGO Program during the exhibition. This is a new open standard program aimed at industrial automation edge interoperability, aimed at accelerating digital transformation and promoting growth for enterprises of all sizes. As part of the Linux Foundation, this program is led by the Joint Development Foundation and aligns with Schneider Electric's open automation philosophy.

For more highlights, please stay tuned for the live broadcast of the Schneider Electric Hanover Industrial Expo booth on April 24th at 3:00 PM. Welcome to Schneider Electric's video account to make an appointment to watch.

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