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Huichuan Technology signs a contract with India Service Center to upgrade overseas technology and service capabilities

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India's textile industry ranks second only to China in the world. As a regional power with a population of 1.4 billion, India has a certain foundation in textile machinery manufacturing.

Nevertheless, India remains the true largest textile machinery market for Chinese enterprises. At present, India has a relatively large import volume of weaving and knitting machinery, with Chinese made knitting and non-woven fabric machinery accounting for about 70% of its imports. Indian customers are sensitive to prices and have strict requirements for after-sales service. If domestic enterprises want to continue expanding into the Indian textile gold market, they need to do a solid job in basic skills.

Recently, Huichuan Technology signed an after-sales service cooperation agreement with Precision Technology in Surat, India to comprehensively upgrade its overseas service system and enhance its technical support and service capabilities for overseas markets and customers.

Surat Textile Professional Service Center is a professional service provider deeply involved in the weaving industry, with 15 years of after-sales service experience in the Surat textile market, which accounts for 90% of the capacity. It has rich professional knowledge in weaving machine technology, weaving machine debugging and maintenance. Huichuan and Surat Textile Professional Service Center will work together to significantly improve service efficiency, with the previous 3-5 day service cycle basically shortened to less than 1 day.

Continuously expanding into the Indian market

Shi Mingpan, the overseas service manager of Huichuan Technology, said:

The service engineers of our Indian subsidiary have exceeded 32 people, covering the service needs of Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. Signing a professional service partner with Surat Textile has shown us the enormous potential and opportunities in the Indian textile market, improved service efficiency of textile products, and laid a solid foundation for the sustained development of Huichuan's overseas business.

Qi Zhiyuan, the textile industry manager of Huichuan Technology, stated:

The Indian market is the largest overseas market for the weaving industry, and Huichuan's products can fully meet the needs of the Indian market. The main electric spindle products have obvious advantages in energy conservation and efficiency enhancement. This year, in the technical layout of weaving equipment jacquard without vertical axis and rapier business, the innovative product jacquard machine without vertical axis motor is a revolutionary solution in the industry, which greatly saves power while reducing equipment space, reducing noise and environmental temperature, improving the working environment for textile factory workers, and avoiding machine injuries. So strengthening the Indian market has created a win-win situation for Huichuan and the textile industry.

Since entering the Indian market in 2012, Huichuan Technology has established a high reputation brand awareness in the Indian market with its high-quality industrial automation products and solutions. At present, the Monak brand under Huichuan ranks first in the Indian elevator market share, and the electro-hydraulic servo business ranks second in the Indian market share. Huichuan currently has over a hundred employees in India, including 32 service and maintenance engineers. The headquarters and spare parts center are located in Chennai, and there are four offices throughout India. Engineers are stationed in 10 key industrial cities and radiate to surrounding areas, with a service response capacity of tens of thousands of orders.

The "Global" model - Deepening global cooperation

The signing of the Huichuan Overseas Service Center will continue to deepen cooperation with global ecological partners. In recent years, Huichuan Technology has proposed to embark on a new journey of globalization for Huichuan's "Globallocal" initiative. Going global has become one of Huichuan Technology's important strategies. In response to this strategy, Huichuan Technology has proposed multiple clear action plans and increased investment in overseas markets to build localized ecosystems in various regions. In 2023, Huichuan's overseas revenue increased by over 90%, and its overseas business continued to maintain high-speed growth. At the same time, it plans to add 20 overseas service stations by 2024.

In addition, Huichuan Technology's overseas services cover Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Hungary), Asia (South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh), the Middle East (Türkiye), North America (Mexico), South America (Colombia, Brazil), Africa (Giza, Cairo), set up 9 Huichuan subsidiaries and offices, 26 joint insurance centers, provide local spare parts support and on-site technical services, and meet the global 24-hour online service response.

The implementation of Huichuan's Global strategy can assist Chinese supply chain enterprises in better integrating into the global supply chain system. Build a more open and sustainable modern industrial system in China with a more flexible and humane posture.

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