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Delta's "Decrypting Cloud to Edge AI" showcases driving AI technology at COMPUTEX 2024

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  Delta focused on AI artificial intelligence at the 2024 Taipei International Computer Exhibition, with the theme of "Decrypting Cloud to Edge AI". The exhibition comprehensively showcased data center infrastructure solutions from cloud to edge, as well as efficient power, heat dissipation, passive components and other technologies applied to AI computing and terminal equipment, including multiple AI server power and liquid cooling solutions that made their debut, chip vertical power supply technology, etc., leveraging their strengths to drive the development of the AI industry.

  Taida Chairman and CEO Zheng Ping said, "In this new era of AI, Taida, as a global switch power supply and cooling management manufacturer, can provide comprehensive power and cooling solutions for AI data centers from the power grid to chips. We can assist customers in building or optimizing the overall power architecture of data centers, creating more efficient information and communication infrastructure, and extending it all the way to the cabinet and even to the board end where AI chips are located, meeting the energy and cooling efficiency needs of the AI industry. While computing power is greatly increased, we help make computing more energy-efficient."

  Guo Shanshan, Chief Brand Officer of Delta, said, "The AI industry and prospects are highly anticipated. This year, Delta has specially focused on the theme of 'Decrypting Cloud to Edge AI'. The booth design is based on the true width and ultra realistic height of the cabinet, creating a large data center. From the outside to the inside, the prefabricated data center container system is deployed to the location of the computer room. From large to small, the operational positions of Delta's power and cooling solutions in the layered architecture of the data center are deconstructed. Then, the cloud is connected to the actual application of Edge, allowing visitors to explore the behind the scenes of AI computing."

  AI power supply, heat dissipation, and passive components

  According to Shi Wenjing, Executive Vice President of Delta Power and Components, "By combining leading technologies such as power supply, heat dissipation, and passive components, Delta can meet the high demand for power and heat dissipation capabilities of AI servers and chips. For example, the chip vertical power supply technology exhibited this time can reduce energy consumption of AI processors by 5% -15% by reducing power transmission paths; as well as the first liquid cooled plate module designed for the new generation of AI server GPUs/CPUs, combined with Delta's high-efficiency heat dissipation fans and the Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) in the rack, are all achievements of Delta's continuous technological innovation."

  For the AC/DC power supply of server cabinets, Delta showcases rack mounted power supplies that comply with the third-generation open rack standard (ORV3, Open Rack v3). Among them, the first 66kW and 33kW rack mounted power supplies, with an energy efficiency of up to 97.5%, will be the mainstream of the next generation of AI servers. In response to the demand for DC/DC power conversion for chips, Delta showcases multiple DC/DC converters with output power ranging from 200W-2000W, with energy efficiency up to 98.5%, including 48V to 12V DC/DC converters widely used in AI computing devices on the market. Delta has also successfully introduced power inductors made with patented designs and material formulas for customers, which have excellent current resistance and low energy consumption, and are key passive components for board end voltage conversion.

  Data center infrastructure

  Zhan Zhiqiang, General Manager of Delta Data Center Business Unit, said, "Faced with the rapidly growing demand for data center construction, Delta has profound power architecture planning capabilities and experience. At the same time, by integrating its complete information and communication products, it creates an efficient and highly elastic infrastructure for medium voltage mains to server power supply, which can effectively save operating costs and time costs for customers."

  The prefabricated power system showcased this time can provide over 1.7MW of electricity in a 40 foot container, and there is also a prefabricated All in one data center solution that integrates the infrastructure and IT equipment of the data center into the container, meeting the needs of customers for rapid construction and high scalability. It has achieved over 200 sets worldwide. In terms of heat dissipation, in addition to the EC energy-saving large fans used in data centers, Delta also showcases the Air Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) solution that can upgrade existing air-cooled data centers, as well as the Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) liquid cooling solution that can simultaneously handle the heat dissipation needs of dozens of high-density cabinets with a power output of over 100kW, in response to the high amount of heat generated by AI computing, in response to the highly anticipated liquid cooling needs. In addition, Delta has also launched an iDCIM solution that combines 3D building information modeling technology BIM, providing effective one-stop management of data centers and building weak electricity.

  Edge AI and AI Application Examples

  Delta also showcases AI PC's advanced power supply and ultra-thin heat dissipation module solutions, as well as AI's intelligent security cloud solution VORTEX. In AI application examples, there are autonomous mobile robots with intelligent navigation that can provide home delivery services in elevator building environments, as well as enterprise level knowledge question answering robots that combine large language models. The highlights of the Computex TAIPEI 2024 exhibition are:

  Data center infrastructure

  AI Data Center Solutions: Delta integrates information and communication capabilities, connects the Internet of Things, and provides efficient and flexible data center solutions. The solutions include AC/DC power supply, air-cooled/liquid cooled cooling solutions, ORV3 cabinets, busbar systems, lithium battery systems, DCIM data center management systems, Netcom, and remote computer array solutions.

  Uninterruptible Power Supply System Solution: With years of expertise in power electronics, Delta provides efficient and energy-saving UPS, providing stable and reliable power backup for top data centers and enterprises worldwide for a long time. This time, the flagship model DPM Gen2 is launched, with a UPS single machine capacity of up to 2100kVA and providing up to 97.5% online efficiency.

  Lithium ion battery system solutions: A backup battery module solution that can provide 15 kW of power in a 2U power shelf, as well as a single cabinet lithium ion battery system UZR Gen3 series product, not only comply with international safety standards such as UL1973 and IEC62619, but also achieve no delay burning results in UL9540A testing. The single cabinet provides up to 470KW power and 62 kWh capacity, with a lifespan 2-3 times longer than traditional batteries.

  Air cooled/liquid cooled cooling solutions: From traditional data centers to high-density AI data centers, Delta provides flexible and customized high-density cooling solutions, covering air cooled/liquid cooled, column level/cabinet level precision air conditioning solutions. The air assisted liquid cooling AALC and cooling liquid distribution device CDU solutions will be showcased on site.

  BIM powered iDCIM service solution: Combining 3D building information modeling technology with BIM data center management system, it facilitates optimization of overall layout and improves maintenance efficiency, providing one-stop management of data centers and building weak electricity.

  AI power supply products

  GPU dedicated DC power converter: designed for AI high computing power conversion requirements, with an output power of 200W-2000W, support for up to 400Vdc input voltage, power density greater than 5000W/in ³, and energy efficiency of up to 98.5%. The 48V to 12V DC power converter dedicated to GPU, as well as the new "vertical power supply DC voltage regulator", can shorten the current path and improve energy efficiency through vertical installation, which are the highlights of this exhibition.

  20kW high-power lithium capacitor cabinet: capable of providing rectification, filtering, and power backup functions for high-order servers, ensuring power quality and stable power supply, suitable for generative AI, cloud computing, and data centers. The built-in charging and discharging module can reduce the surge of power grid current and also support transient peak power demand, which can be maintained for 15 seconds at an output power of 20kW.

  1RU 33kW rack mounted power supply: In order to meet the power supply requirements of NVIDIA Blackwell platform in AI data centers, Delta has launched a 19 inch 33kW AC/DC rack mounted power supply (1RU), reducing the size of the previous 21 inch 1OU 33kW rack mounted power supply to 19 inch 1RU. It is also equipped with 6 sets of 5.5kW power supplies, with an efficiency of up to 97.5%.

  3OU ORV3 HPR 66kW rack mounted power supply: With a 48V high voltage output, it effectively reduces power transmission losses. This is the first time it has been unveiled. Using 12 sets of 5.5kW power supplies, with an energy efficiency of up to 97.5%, a power management controller with PoE Ethernet power supply function, as well as four relay modules and support for C19 connectors.

  400W AI esports laptop adapter: Currently, there are few 400W advanced esports laptop adapters in the market that meet the latest DOE level VII and ERP LotVII energy regulatory requirements.

  High power density and high efficiency power inductor: A thin multiphase TLVR inductor developed by Delta. Through coil induction design and magnetic field line parameter optimization, combined with special patented magnetic powder, it successfully improves dynamic response efficiency and conversion efficiency, reduces power design space and energy consumption, and meets the requirements of high current instantaneous changes in AI servers.

  AI cooling products

  Liquid Cooling Cooling - Cold Plate Module and Cabinet CDU: A liquid cooling plate module designed for the new generation of AI GPUs and CPUs, combined with Delta Cabinet Cooling Liquid Distribution Unit (Rack CDU), can further improve the energy-saving performance of liquid cooling cabinets.

  Air cooled cooling -3D VC and high-efficiency cooling fan: Integrating high-efficiency cooling fans that increase air volume by 30% compared to general-purpose server fans, as well as core technology of superconducting composite heat pipe 3D VC (Vapor Chamber) soaking plates with cooling capabilities ranging from 700W to 1000W, providing a comprehensive and optimized air cooled cooling solution for AI computing.

  EC technology efficient energy-saving fan: In response to the energy-saving needs of data center air conditioning equipment, combined with DC motor, high-efficiency fan blade design, and core power supply technology, we have launched large-scale centrifugal and axial flow fans for applications such as ice water hosts and large air treatment units. Compared with traditional AC fans, they can significantly reduce energy consumption of air conditioning equipment by more than 30%.

  AI PC cooling solution: A thin comprehensive cooling solution using a stepped VC (Vapor Chamber) heat plate, thin flat end heat pipes, turbine blades, and three-phase motors effectively improves the cooling efficiency of AI PC by more than 30%, while achieving 30% power savings, improving system reliability and operational efficiency for AI PC.

  AI applications

  Enterprise level knowledge Q&A robot: Using internal knowledge sets of the enterprise and combined with large language models, it can provide high-quality answers to internal questions, and can be paired with private models to ensure the security of confidential information of the enterprise.

  Aiden - Service oriented intelligent robot: Aiden is a service oriented robot that can shuttle between urban buildings. It can deliver meals and essential items to elderly people at home, and can also visit their homes, reducing the burden on community caregivers and improving efficiency. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to independently take the elevator, move safely, politely, and effectively among crowds, and achieve people-oriented navigation.

  VORTEX, an AI intelligent security cloud solution, utilizes Edge AI image analysis to automatically detect anomalies and issue warnings, reducing false positives. From people and vehicles entering and exiting to real-time security monitoring of equipment assets, it strengthens access control and protection, and can be seamlessly integrated with other solution software and hardware to improve efficiency and reduce risks, creating a comprehensive security environment.

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