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Deepening the Industrial Storage Field of Yuancun and Accelerating the Implementation of Intelligent Industrial Scenarios

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  With the rapid development of information technology and industrial Internet of Things, there are more and more intelligent devices in transportation, network security, unmanned applications, medical equipment, 5G connectivity, intelligent security and other application fields, and the demand for data storage is becoming increasingly widespread. In this context, industrial storage products, known as the "industrial heart," provide powerful storage media support for such a vast amount of information data.  

  Fully Utilize the Efficiency of Metastorage Industrial Storage in the Industry 4.0 Era

  Industrial grade storage applications involve the storage, management, and protection of data. In order to empower the development of various industries in the Industry 4.0 era, YANSEN Yuancun, as an industrial wide temperature storage brand under the leading company in China's storage industry - Jinsheng Electronics, has always regarded the research and development of solid-state drive technology as the primary strategy for development. Based on the independently developed hardware architecture of the product, it optimizes firmware algorithms, wide temperature design schemes, and hardware selection to meet the needs of power The wide temperature, large capacity, and high bandwidth storage requirements in fields such as automobiles and industry enable flexible response to various complex and strict working environments.

  Due to the long-term outdoor operation of industrial equipment, it often faces harsh environments such as seasonal changes, high and low temperatures and humidity, which pose significant challenges to storage equipment. In this regard, Yuancun strictly selects high-quality materials, deepens professional verification testing to improve product durability, and provides diversified industrial grade wide temperature storage, fully covering the needs of all industrial application scenarios. Compared with ordinary consumer grade products, all hardware and internal components of Yuan storage industrial solid-state drives are designed according to industrial standards, and equipped with hardware designs such as power outage protection, data destruction, and physical destruction, thereby achieving wide temperature operation from -40 ℃ to 85 ℃. Even in complex and extremely harsh application environments, it remains tenacious and fearless.

  In terms of R&D, Yuan storage industrial solid-state drives have passed multiple strict tests, including product function testing, hardware testing, performance testing, stability testing, reliability testing, compatibility testing, and quality testing such as impact and vibration, enhancement, and customization. They meet the requirements of wide temperature equipment, have the conditions to withstand harsh industrial environment tests, and effectively ensure the safety and integrity of solid-state drive data transmission. In terms of product quality, the Yuan storage industrial solid-state drive needs to be inspected by the company's comprehensive quality management system from resource selection to production delivery, which can effectively ensure product quality and yield. It has the characteristics of high-speed reading and writing, high reliability, and high security, and can meet the data storage needs in different industrial scenarios. 

  Yuancun Industrial Storage Deepens Industrial Applications with Comprehensive Solutions

  Currently, one of the significant features of Industry 4.0 is data transmission and the connection between devices and the cloud internet, as well as the reduction of manual labor and the increase of intelligence. There are many related cases of Yuancun industrial storage in industrial automation, and it is not limited to the application of industrial automation, but also includes smart medical equipment, intelligent transportation, aerospace, etc., which can ensure that products can work normally in harsh environments.

  For example, in industrial automation applications, Yuancun's products are mainly used in industrial controllers, robots, automated production lines and other equipment. These devices require highly reliable and high-performance storage devices to ensure their normal operation, and meta storage solid-state drives have characteristics such as high-speed read and write, low power consumption, and seismic resistance, which can meet the requirements of industrial automation equipment.  

  Never forget the original intention of Yuancun Industrial Storage, continuous innovation and iteration

  With the deepening of Industry 4.0, product specifications and functional iterations of industrial grade storage are becoming increasingly important. Large capacity upgrades, data transmission speed upgrades, and data security upgrades are bound to be the mainstream of industrial storage.

  To this end, Yuancun will continue to deeply cultivate the field of industrial storage, continuously improve its research and development strength and technological level, keep up with the development trend of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, and assist industrial enterprises in achieving digital transformation with innovative technology and high-quality services. I believe that in the future development, Yuancun will continue to contribute to the progress of China's industrial storage industry and grow together with the industrial application market.

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