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Engineering Data AC Servo Actuators FHA-C

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  Large hollow shaft with flange mounting

  FHA-C Series Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators combine a synchronous servo motor, CSD Series Component Set, feedback sensor

  and a specially developed output bearing.

  Available in four sizes with gear ratios of 50, 100 and 160:1, the actuators can provide maximum torques from 39 to 823 Nm.

  The output bearing with high tilting capacity often allows direct attachment of heavy payloads without the need for further

  support, thereby providing simple and space saving design installations.

  To adapt to your specific application, the FHA-C Series offers many possible combinations when selecting the motor winding,

  motor feedback, brake, various sensors and cable as well as connector options.

  The integrated hollow shaft can be used to feed through supply lines or services for additional axes, enabling space saving

  designs with minimal installation dimensions required. The accurate positioning of the actuator ensures stable machine

  characteristics, lower rejection rates and consistent quality.

  By combining the FHA-C Actuators with the specially adapted YukonDrive® Servo Controllers, it is possible to provide a single

  source supply for a pre-configured drive system tailored to suit your application. Alternatively, the flexible configuration of

  the actuator ensures compatibility with almost any servo controller on the market.

  Design and Operation

  For accurate position setting, the servo motor and its control device are fitted with a measuring device (feedback), which

  determines the current position (e.g. the angle of rotation set for a starting position) of the motor.

  This measurement is effected via a rotary encoder, e.g. a resolver, an incremental encoder or an absolute encoder. The

  position controller compares the signal from this encoder with the pre-set position value. If there is any deviation, then the

  motor is turned in the direction which represents a shorter path to the set value which leads to the deviation being reduced.

  The procedure repeats itself until the value lies incrementally or approximately within the tolerance limits. Alternatively, the

  motor position can also be digitally recorded and compared by computer to a set value.

  Servo motors and actuators from Harmonic Drive AG use various motor feedback systems which are used as position trans

  ducers to fulfil several requirements.


  Commutation signals or absolute position values provide the

  necessary information about the rotor position, in order to

  guarantee correct commutation.

  Actual Speed

  The actual speed is obtained in the servo controller suing

  the feedback signal, from the cyclical change in position


  Actual Position

  Incremental encoder

  The actual signal value needed for setting the position is for

  med by adding up the incremental position changes. Where

  incremental encoders have square wave signals, definition of

  the edge evaluation can be quadrupled (quad counting).

  Where incremental encoders have SIN / COS signals, then the definition can be increased by interpolation in the control


  Absolute encoder

  Absolute encoders deliver absolute position information about one (single turn) or several (multi-turn) rotations. This infor

  mation can on the one hand provide the rotor position for commutation and on the other hand possibly a reference of travel.

  Where absolute encoders have additional incremental signals, then typically the absolute position information can be read at

  power up and the incremental signals then evaluated to determine the rotation and actual position value.

  Fully digital absolute encoders as motor feedback systems have such a high definition of the absolute value that there is no

  need for additional incremental signals.


  In conjunction with the Harmonic Drive AG high precision gears, the output side position can be recorded via the motor feed

  back system without any additional angle encoders having to be used. The resolution of the motor feedback system can also

  be multiplied by gear ratio.

  Output Side Angle Measurement Devices

  Where applications place higher demands on accuracy or need torsion compensation at high torque load, the FHA-C Series

  Actuators can be fitted with absolute measurement encoders directly to the actuator output (Option EC).


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