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KOLLMORGEN Digital Servo Amplifier AKM43H-ACC2C-00

The AKM series motors are highly effective in stabilizing the system and executing the servo mechanism. At a peak current of 11.4 a, a maximum torque of 19.9 Nm can be extracted from the system. This motor meets the IP 65 protection level and can be installed in the IM B5 installation style. This model can also provide a separate shaft seal ring. By installing the sealing ring, the motor meets the IP 67 protection standard. This allows the motor to be immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The coupling device in the motor is equipped with a double conical chuck. This design has the advantage of zero backlash, ensuring the smooth performance of the motor.




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  Product Description

  Kollmorgen engineering company is a renowned manufacturer of motion control equipment. The company has a diverse range of expertise ranging from manufacturing precision engineering equipment to automation software development.

  The AKM44E-BKCNC-00 belongs to the AKM series and is highly effective for stabilization of the system and execution of servomechanism. With a peak current of 11.4 A, a maximum torque of 19.9 Nm can be extracted from the system. The motor comes in accordance with the IP 65 protection class, and it can be mounted in the IM B5 mounting style. A separate shaft sealing ring is also available with this model. With the sealing ring's installation, the motor qualifies the IP 67 protection standard. This allows the motor to be submerged in a depth of 1 m for a duration of up to 30 minutes. The coupling devices in the AKM44E-BKCNC-00 come with double-coned-collets. This design gives the advantage of zero backlash that guarantees a smooth performance of the motor.

  The AKM44E-BKCNC-00 comes with the best permanent magnets that are commercially available. The neodymium-iron-boron magnets are capable of generating a high energy density that enables high magnetic flux. This motor is very suitable for servo applications as well as high-intensity reciprocating motion. The low moment of inertia values of this model makes it an ideal platform for repetitive motion in any industrial environment. With a climatic category 3K3, the motor can operate within 95% relative humidity range. This model's standstill torque is 5.76 Nm, and its continuous current in standstill mode is 2.90 A. The AKM44E-BKCNC-00 can be used under different input voltage and varying loading conditions. The system has been designed to operate in a 5 ᵒC to 40 ᵒC temperature range.

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