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The fifth season of Schneider Electric's Winning Plan has officially launched, focusing on ecology and moving towards "new"

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Recently, at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit, the fifth season of the Winning Plan, jointly hosted by the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric, was officially launched. This season's winning plan focuses on two major areas: green intelligent manufacturing and green energy management

  Currently, China is leading a new industrial transformation with new quality productivity. The 2024 Government Work Report proposes to fully leverage the leading role of innovation, promote industrial innovation through technological innovation, and carry out the "Artificial Intelligence+" action. It can be seen that the leading development model driven by innovation will promote total factor productivity to new heights and promote high-quality development in various industries in depth. In this process, large, medium, and small enterprises should work together and empower each other, further activating the inherent value of combining new technologies with new scenarios and demands, and using technological integration and innovation to assist industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, enterprises should also move towards "new" and actively embrace artificial intelligence (AI) technology, exploring the application potential of AI+industry scenarios from a broader and deeper perspective, and accelerating the cultivation of new quality productivity.

  Mao Tao, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said, "Greenization, intelligence, and high-end are important characteristics of new industrialization, as well as important background, direction, and goal of the 'Win Win Plan'. With the vigorous development of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, accelerating the integration and innovation of technologies such as AI, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things, and cloud computing with industries has become the core driving force to enhance the competitiveness of the entire industry chain.". With the help of the 'Chuangyin Plan' platform, we hope to work with Schneider Electric and more ecological partners to continuously deepen the integration and innovation of cutting-edge technologies and scenario applications such as AI. While cultivating more innovative enterprises, we will also empower China's manufacturing industry with more energy, providing greater support for improving traditional industries, strengthening emerging industries, and cultivating future industries

  Xiong Yi, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy and Business Development China at Schneider Electric, stated, "Technological innovation is one of the core driving forces for promoting high-quality industrial development in China. With an open innovation ecosystem, enterprises can better leverage the value of technological innovation, accelerate their own transformation, and empower industrial innovation. Since 2020, Schneider Electric's Winning Plan has been committed to building a platform that integrates entrepreneurship incubation, technological innovation, and achievement transformation, continuously empowering large, small, and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial and energy fields. This year, based on the dual business model, we have newly created an AI+exploration camp, which will focus on exploring the huge application potential of AI technology integration in industry scenarios, accelerating industry dual transformation, and working together to become more intelligent." "A sustainable innovative future."

  Based on the rich methodology and profound practice accumulated in previous years, this year Schneider Electric's Winning Plan has launched a new AI+exploration camp, forming a three camp joint innovation model with growth camp and acceleration camp. We will continue to form expert and mentor teams to provide industry experience and technical support, professional training, industrial resource docking, investment and business cooperation opportunities for entering enterprises, helping them improve their competitiveness and risk resistance.

  Growth Camp - Deeply cultivate the five high-quality collaborative innovation solutions, and promote large-scale replication. The growth camp focuses on five mature collaborative innovation solutions with market maturity. Through continuous optimization and iteration of the solutions, it promotes large-scale application and improves the conversion of business opportunities:

  Optimization of combustion parameters for waste incineration power plants: In response to the demand for data control in waste incineration scenarios in the power industry, advanced process control APC algorithms are combined with high-precision visual recognition technology to achieve closed-loop control optimization of key combustion parameters. This scheme can fully adapt to the complex working conditions of waste incineration scenarios, significantly improve the waste burning rate, power generation, boiler efficiency, and automation level.

  Predictive maintenance consultant PMA solution: Based on the integration of big data and AI technology, and driven by equipment process, mathematics, and mechanism models, data access, data collection, quality monitoring, etc. are carried out on the equipment. By predicting and diagnosing fault types, it helps enterprises reduce the number of unexpected downtime, increase equipment utilization, and reduce equipment maintenance costs, thereby empowering inspection personnel to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and achieve digital transformation.

  Integrated intelligent supply chain planning and scheduling optimization system: Combining the integrated intelligent supply chain planning and scheduling optimization system with MES system, and based on machine learning AI optimization algorithm, providing intelligent production planning for enterprises.

  The new generation of wireless BMS building management system: By integrating traditional building controllers and wireless Internet of Things technology on the product side, adopting wired and wireless coarse networks that support multiple protocols on the system side, and building an integrated building equipment operation and maintenance management platform that can work together on the cloud side, it helps users create an end-to-end one-stop new closed-loop building management solution, achieving value such as rapid deployment, flexible adjustment, and worry free access/renovation.

  Modular Data Center Carbon Management Platform: Based on reliable carbon management tools and product lifecycle carbon footprint accounting methodology, it helps users in industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and scientific research to monitor their modular data center carbon emissions in real time, comprehensively understand their own carbon footprint, and formulate optimization target settings and carbon reduction paths.

  Accelerate Camp - Release eight collaborative innovation solutions to continuously accelerate the implementation of innovation. The acceleration camp has gathered collaborative innovation solutions with market potential, focusing on scenarios such as electricity governance, carbon management, smart water plants, warehouse management software, virtual maintenance, digital twins, AIGC's application in green and smart supply chains, and microgrid control. It further integrates technical solutions and industry needs, and accelerates the landing of innovative achievements through adjustment, optimization, and scenario verification.

  AI+Exploration Camp - Focusing on track exploration and ecological innovation in the AI+industry. AI technology is becoming a key driving force for promoting industrial upgrading. Relying on the AI+exploration camp, Schneider Electric will closely collaborate with ecological partners in the AI field, explore the real needs and scenarios of energy management and automation industry users for AI empowerment business, accelerate the integration of AI innovation ecological leading technology capabilities, strive to break through key pain points in various industry scenarios, and promote the landing of AI technology industry applications.

  As an important platform for innovation incubation and achievement transformation, Schneider Electric's Winning Plan has been held continuously for 5 seasons, attracting over 1100 small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on high-tech fields to register. Nearly 80 enterprises have output more than 40 joint innovation achievements through the acceleration and growth mechanism, and have collaborated with partners to release many innovative insights such as the "Future Industrial Technology Integration Innovation Report". It has become a benchmark for open innovation in the industry, contributing to the integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises and the digital low-carbon transformation of industries.

  With the official launch of the fifth season of the Chuangyin Plan, Schneider Electric looks forward to working with more small and medium-sized scientific and technological innovation enterprises to accelerate the innovation and integration of emerging technologies such as AI and industry scenarios, move towards the new, jointly build an ecosystem and future technological influence, and empower China's industrial digitization, intelligence, and green transformation and upgrading, as well as high-quality development.
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