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Rockwell Automation brings green digital innovation to the Carbon Neutrality Expo once again

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  As one of the world's leading enterprises in the fields of industrial automation, informatization, and digital transformation, Rockwell Automation and Lingang Group jointly participated in the second Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Technology, Products, and Achievements Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Carbon Neutrality Expo") held from June 5th to June 8th. Multiple innovative achievements were exhibited in the D01/D02 exhibition area of Hall E4, and a climate lighthouse advanced use case press conference was held on June 6th. Exhibiting again, Rockwell showcases its leading strength in empowering net zero intelligent manufacturing through full chain technology innovation, terminal application landing, and multi terminal cross-border promotion, demonstrating its firm commitment to supporting the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry.

  Parallel application of digital innovation and landing scenarios to meet the low-carbon transformation needs of multiple industries

  At this year's Carbon Neutrality Expo, Rockwell not only showcased its own green technology, but also showcased the achievements of scientific and technological innovation through different industry practice scenarios. As one of the highlights of this exhibition, Rockii Net Zero net zero solution is customized by Rockwell to meet the needs of the Chinese market. The plan was first launched at the previous Carbon Neutrality Expo, and after a year of practice and upgrading, it has once again made its debut on this international sustainable platform, attracting more viewers to explore the digital power of this plan to empower enterprises with low-carbon transformation throughout their entire lifecycle in a one-stop manner.

  From carbon assessment to carbon reduction, from energy efficiency management to intelligent operation and maintenance, the Rockii Net Zero solution can integrate a series of Rockii applications, including the Rockii EPD Service energy performance diagnosis service, Rockii EMM energy efficiency intelligent control platform solution, and Rockii Master intelligent operation and maintenance system, and is equipped with a sustainable development digital platform. With a rich configuration that combines software and hardware, this solution can help enterprises achieve efficient equipment operation, energy consumption reduction, key path planning for emission reduction, and support sustainable decision-making with data. It is worth mentioning that artificial intelligence (AI) has also been deeply integrated into this solution. By fully tapping into the potential of AI, this solution can help achieve more intelligent energy-saving optimization analysis and operational strategy optimization, thereby achieving more accurate and efficient energy management. In this emerging technology field, Rockwell has also recently established partnerships with Nvidia and Microsoft to jointly expand the application of AI in the manufacturing industry and promote more partners to achieve sustainable development goals.

  To further meet the low-carbon transformation needs of ecosystem partners in different industries, in addition to the Rockii Net Zero net zero solution, Rockwell has also released multiple green science and technology innovation achievements in recent years, including the Rockii ESG strategic solution. And through cross-border platforms such as Caohejing Rockwell Automation Net Zero Intelligent Manufacturing Co creation Center and Rockii ESG Alliance, we will accelerate its transformation and landing into manufacturing scenarios. These representative achievements covering various industries were also exhibited on site at this year's Carbon Neutrality Expo. Currently, Rockwell's green digital solutions have gained widespread recognition in the global market. In addition, with continuous cultivation and innovative measures in the sustainable field of the Chinese market, Rockwell has been listed on the 2024 Fortune China ESG Influence List, making it one of only 31 foreign-funded enterprises on the list.

  Use cases guide the light of climate lighthouses, gather wisdom to promote sustainable development

  On the basis of deepening the hard power of green technology, Rockwell is also committed to building a cross-border ecosystem, promoting benchmark building and cross-border promotion in the field of sustainable development. To this end, Rockwell held an advanced use case press conference for the Climate Lighthouse with the theme of "Smart Leading, Action Setting Sail" at this year's Carbon Neutrality Expo. Together with partners, they released the "New Chapter of Climate Lighthouse: Latest Insights in Climate Change Frontier Technology - Navigation Use Case Collection" (hereinafter referred to as the "Use Case Collection"), providing more partners with scenario based and reference based green inspiration. This use case set was jointly prepared by Rockwell, Shanghai Institute of Quality Management Sciences, Public Environment Research Center, Cushman&Wakefield and the Global Smart City Conference under the guidance of Shanghai Climate Week Research Institute. Based on the advanced use cases of climate lighthouses included in the New Chapter of "Climate Lighthouse": Latest Insight into Climate Change Frontier Technology released in April this year, it carried out in-depth practical details sorting to cover the advantages of the five dimensions of end-to-end value realization, measurable green low-carbon, scenario based real use cases, revolutionary technological breakthroughs and interactive innovation, and show how enterprises can achieve a breakthrough in upgrading through digital green collaborative transformation, taking into account sustainability, production efficiency and operating efficiency.

  Rockwell relies on its extensive and high-quality resource network to lead leading net zero practices from leading companies in multiple industries such as Diqing Nonferrous Metals, Yihai Kerry Dragon Fish, Nippon Paint China, Lixun Precision, McDonald's, Meijin Energy, Yaoming Biotechnology, and Yili to gather in the use case set. Its goal is not only to fully leverage the scenario based demonstration power of leading use cases, but also to leverage the chain leader leadership of leading enterprises in various industries with the Climate Lighthouse Action as an anchor, thereby radiating net zero practices to the upstream and downstream of its industrial chain, and promoting the green chain transformation that connects the entire industrial chain.

  On the occasion of the release of the use case set, Li Dong, the director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Research Institute of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech at the event titled "Smart Leadership, Jointly Drawing a Zero Carbon Future". He discussed with on-site guests the feasible paths for enterprises to achieve zero carbon transformation under the background of industrial upgrading and global green supply chain reshaping, and shared how Rockwell can empower upstream and downstream collaborative transformation and maintenance of the industrial chain through innovative measures such as net zero consulting, platform innovation, and ecological cooperation. On this basis, Rockwell collaborated with leading use case enterprises and industry experts to jointly launch a roundtable discussion on "Action Setting Sail, Building a Zero Carbon Road" on site, sharing green transformation experiences and carbon reduction practices, and discussing sustainable development paths together.

  Through the re convening of the Carbon Neutrality Expo and the accelerated promotion of new productive forces, China's determination to actively address the challenges of climate change and use technology to support sustainable economic development has greatly inspired us. This coincides with Rockwell's original intention to address the issue of sustainable development in human society Shi An, President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., said, "As a leading enterprise in the production service industry chain, Rockwell looks forward to using the Carbon Neutrality Expo as an international platform to exchange and cooperate with more ecological partners on green transformation, gather energy for the climate lighthouse of 'illuminating oneself and others', and help various industries achieve their dual carbon goals, jointly heading towards a net zero future."
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